Saturday, July 12, 2014

You think your home movie theater system is so awesome that you don’t even need to go to the cinema anymore? Well, what if we introduced you to a whole new cinema experience, on a new level of luxury and comfort? Check out the recently opened Embassy Diplomat Screens in Bangkok!

The new deluxe theater is part of the Thai capital’s Central Embassy luxury mall, and it pampers its guests with all-you-can-drink minibars, cozy blankets and pillows, snacks and an on-call butler. Obviously, the state-of-the-art seats are amazing, super comfortable and they even have a phone charger outlet.

Just take your seat, adjust your personal light to your preference, safely hang your bag on the hanger and enjoy the experience. With this kind of treatment, the movie itself almost becomes irrelevant. One ticket is 900THB ($28), but something tells us you won’t regret spending that money on a film.

Movie goers will also have the chance to choose from a number of seating options (cozy couches, cocoon-style seats, or reclining daybeds). Oh, and did we mention that designers Rockwell Group Europe make the extra effort to install a fireplace in the lounge?

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